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Rifa Conservation Education Camp

The Rifa Conservation and Education Camp was created more than 30 years ago in Zimbabwe. The camp provides a unique wildlife conservation education program to school children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Its mission is to educate the children of Zimbabwe about the sustainable management of Zimbabwe's wildlife. Since its inception Rifa Camp has hosted more than 20,000 students.

The camp is situated along the Zambezi River just upstream from Chirundu. The camp is wholly unfenced and is located in an untamed wildlife area. The bush makes for an excellent classroom where practical exercises in tracking, wildlife identification, ecology and conservation are conducted.

The camp is managed by the Zimbabwe Hunters Association and many of its members volunteer their time as instructors. Many aspiring guides and professional hunters have passed through Rifa and the camp is loved by all Zimbabwean conservationists.

The Rifa camp is severely underfunded and the AWCC has helped out. We have donated money in the past and we are working on helping to improve the camp in the future.

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