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In Memorium: PH Phillip Smythe

Being a professional hunter is a difficult and demanding job. You won't get rich and it is likely that you won't be able to get insurance. It can also be very dangerous.

In December 2020 PH Phillip Smythe was severely injured by an elephant in the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. He survived the initial attack but later succumbed to his injuries. He left behind his pregnant wife and two small children as well as enormous medical bills.

To help out the African Wildlife Conservation Coalition held a series of raffles for donated items. This effort was headed up by our Treasurer, Larry Shores who donated a trip and arranged the raffles. Mbalabala Safaris in Zimbabwe and Chapungu-Kambako Safaris in Botswana generously donated safaris. We were successful in raising about $75,000 dollars in Phillip's memory and gave 100% of the money to his family.

We are grateful for all of the people who participated in the raffles and very grateful to those who made donations.

May you rest In peace Phillip, we miss you.

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