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Take Action Trust

The Take Action Trust is an organization committed to protecting wildlife in Zimbabwe by providing trained canines to combat poaching and wildlife crime. Led by dog trainer Kieth Sparks, his team are experienced and highly effective in the field. They have had many successes in conservancies in Zimbabwe helping protect rhino as well as animals from meat poaching. They also train detection dogs for use at roadblocks and points of entry into wildlife areas.

The AWCC first supported Kieth with the donation of equipment for his canine team. When his dog Achilles, was killed by a poacher with a machete we stepped in to help. We provided Kieth with a new canine team member named Flame. Now Flame is out on patrol with Kieth and is doing great!

Our newest venture with Kieth is building a new canine training center in Victoria Falls. The new facility will include an interaction center where people can come and see these amazing dogs work.

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